Kanye West was announced at Glastonbury, but is there a need for a petition?

After seeing a week or so of what seems like the most pointless witch-hunt of Kanye West to date so far (and there’s been a few), I’ve been left in awe of how dumb/ignorant/ungrateful people are to put it bluntly.

It all started when it was announced that Kanye would headline the Saturday night at the globally known festival. Immediately, and unfortunately as per usual, the press and those who love to hate him went into panic. What hate campaign could they knock up now?

A few hours later we have the Change.org petition aimed at stopping the 21-time Grammy award winner from headlining. At the time of writing, the campaign now has over 124,000 signatures. Last year saw 175,000 attend the festival alone. To make the whole petition that bit more pointless, the guy in charge of creating it has NEVER BEEN to Glastonbury! So do the vast majority of the people attending this festival not want him to perform?

Not particularly it seems. Emily Eavis, a festival organiser told NME magazine that they saw FOUR more requests for a refund on tickets that a week before. Not four thousand, not four hundred, four. She also went on to say that the petition represents “the dark underbelly of the web” before tweeting the following. (The man in the picture below is Michael Eavis, the founder of Glastonbury)

A quick read of the petition’s description shows claims that Kanye is “an insult to music fans around the world.” And that “he has been very outspoken on his views on music.” So no doubt this guy would create a petition if either of the Gallagher brothers came near the festival too then, yeah?

Effectively, this is the creator of this petition spitting his dummy out on a huge scale because we don’t have yet another ‘indie’ or rock band on one of the biggest stages of the year. His sole argument boils down to “he said something I don’t like” -what a shit place the world would be if we all had the same opinions on something! We saw the same sort of ‘outrage’ when Jay Z headlined the same festival, Beyonce too.

Further readings of the signatures show that it is mostly the work of Internet ‘trolls’. Comments are generally along the lines of “I’m not attending but I’ll sign it anyway”. Is this what certain groups of people have resorted to as a means of fun? Turn the computer off, get outside, live your life instead of worrying about an event you will never see!

A photo of when I saw Kanye last summer, in Birmingham
A photo of when I saw Kanye last summer, in Birmingham

And that isn’t even the worst of it, all of this petition would half make sense at best if Mr West was the only act on at that time. There are hundreds of bands and artists on all festival- see them instead, or just don’t go. Call me an idiot, but if I was at a festival and saw a band that I didn’t like was headlining, I’d avoid seeing them.

All in all, Glastonbury is already one of the most talked about festivals of the year and we still aren’t close to festival season yet! To top it all off, I have seen Kanye perform live twice already and he’s been unreal both times. Glastonbury could have done a lot worse when announcing him!

If you fancy checking out the petition, the link is here: https://www.change.org/p/glastonbury-festival-cancel-kanye-west-s-headline-slot-and-get-a-rock-band?recruiter=11676931

Or why not sign the opposite one, calling for Glastonbury to cancel all other performers except Kanye, here: https://www.change.org/p/glastonbury-festival-cancel-all-other-performers-and-rename-the-festival-yeezus-tour?recruiter=242691176&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=autopublish&utm_term=des-lg-share_petition-no_msg


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