After a recent surge in crimes, is Salford really turning into the new ‘Gunchester’?

After yet another crime in Salford recently, it’s left me wondering just how safe (or unsafe) this city i’ve adopted as home for at least the new three years, actually is.

A quick search online returns results saying it’s now the gun capital of Manchester; there are now worries it could become similar to Moss Side in the 80’s and 90’s and be the new ‘Gunchester’ according to the M.E.N’s recent article.

To get a better understanding of why there are fears of Salford genuinely becoming ‘Gunchester’, here is the full list of total reported gun crimes in Manchester, ranked by area:

  1. Salford ~ 35
  2. South Manchester ~ 22
  3. Oldham ~ 9
  4. Tameside ~ 6
  5. Wigan ~ 6
  6. Trafford ~ 4
  7. Stockport ~ 3
  8. Bolton ~ 2
  9. Bury ~ 2
  10. Rochdale ~ 1
  11. Unidentified ~ 1

It also ranks fourth highest in terms of crime rates in the UK and Ireland for universities, excluding London areas.

Salford 11.50 2.76 13.11 27.37
Manchester 12.77 2.81 13.01 28.58
Manchester Metropolitan 12.77 2.85 13.05 28.66
Royal Northern College of Music 12.87 2.87 13.13 28.87

But is it really that bad living here?

In the seven months that I have lived here, I have never really worried about what may be going on close-by. Maybe that’s just what growing up in Blackpool does to people though? However within the first few weeks of moving in, there was a rape that took place literally across the road from me. (My tower block that I call ‘home’ is clearly visible in the article below)


A few more rape crimes then appeared in the Manchester Evening News in the weeks that followed.

Whilst 80% of the time, I walk around Salford with company if I’m not driving, it doesn’t mean that I don’t/won’t walk alone here. In all honesty, yeah, Salford does have some rough areas and anyone with a brain would stay clear of them unless they absolutely have to go there. But where doesn’t?

Stories about crime sell, I think it’s that simple. The media try to create the impression that Salford is rough or whatever else is not 100% true, at least not in my experience anyway. But that isn’t a challenge!



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