The Apple Watch, one week on from pre-orders

They’ve done it again.

Just over a week ago pre-orders began for Apple’s newest must have item, the Apple Watch. Unprecedented demand has seen pre-orders estimated to have surpassed 2.3 million units already ahead of the launch on April 24th. 1.2 million of those are said to have come from the USA alone. Such is the demand for this, that Apple themselves have pushed back the ability to buy them in-store until June according to whispers on the internet.

China, apparently, sold out of the Apple Watch Edition version of this watch within the hour. They range from £8,000 to £12,000 in price in the UK. Crazy.

I placed my order around 8:20 AM and this is my delivery date
I placed my order around 8:20 AM and this is my delivery date

Customers could place their orders from the Apple Store from 8:01am on Friday, but such was the demand that the online version of the store was unavailable until slightly later on, forcing people to place their orders through the mobile version. However, those wishing to get their hands on their newest purchase have been forced to wait for weeks or even months for delivery, leading to some people voicing their concern on social media, as seen below.

A selection of the watches in all their glory, in store on the 10th

But as I was close to an Apple store on the 10th, I couldn’t resist nipping in to see how they looked up close and personal. In my opinion, they looked as good as you could imagine and more. The store was packed with people gathered round the table that showed off every selection you could want, or the area where you could try one on for a ten minute period. A new and unique idea by Apple I suppose, but I can’t imagine going out of my way just to try something on that you can’t buy for a while yet. It’d be like looking at your Christmas presents under the tree for the majority of December I’d imagine.

As this looks to be yet another huge win for Apple, it’s almost a question of what can’t they do?


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