A few reasons why Leeds Festival is the best in the UK

Festival season is approaching quickly, and some people may not be sure which one they should go to. This is just a few reasons why you should go to Leeds festival (or Reading if you’re a southerner).

1. These sort of people can be found here EVERY year

People such as this only make the festival a much better place to be at, they add extra excitement. It’s almost like a real life version of Where’s Wally, located in Bramham Park. Where else would you party in a forrest with Jesus? Nowhere. Plus you could be in a bad way and it’s reassuring to know that at least you’re not on drugs, trying to hoover a field.

My personal favourite from Leeds Festival 2014 has to go to this guy and his pet dinosaur- who themselves have their own Twitter account if you want to keep up with them (@pushupsR4gimps):

I saw this straight after walking through the gate and I knew straight away that I was in for a good August bank holiday weekend.

2. History

Reading Festival launched in 1961 and has almost been on for every year since then. Leeds joined in on the fun in 1999 and seeing as they share the same line up, they must be doing something right surely?

Embed from Getty Images

3. It has something for everyone- and more.

Look at that line up and tell me I’m wrong.

The majority of people presume the festival is metal/guitar heavy, but that’s not true. Eminem headlined the main stage two years ago and Kendrick Lamar is there this year. The festival spans across eight stages and that poster’s without the announcement of the comedians they have every year.

4. Year after year, it draws some of the biggest acts in the world there to perform

A quick flick through previous years of Leeds Festival’s line ups show some of the biggest musicians in the world. In the previous five years alone, Arctic Monkeys, Green Day, Foo Fighters and Guns N’ Roses are just a selection of the Main Stage headliners. Metallica, one of the three headliners this year, have sold 110 million records worldwide. You can’t really argue with those figures, can you?

“We are obviously beyond thrilled to be returning to headline the magnificent and mighty double shot at Reading & Leeds for the fourth time. We are practically the house band. Bring it!” – Lars Ulrich, Metallica

5. It’s probably the best camping trip with your mates inside the UK

leeds fest

Need I say more?

To get a preview of what you can expect to hear at this year’s festival, check out the official Spotify playlist below:



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