Local retiree has art exhibition in Salford Museum

Art Mr Roy Mewha proudly showing his artwork Image Credit: Beechfield Lodge

Roy Mewha, a resident of the Beechfield Lodge in Salford, has had his artwork displayed in the Salford Museum and Art Gallery for all to see.

The Lodge, found in the heart of Salford, is described on its website as being “a trusted provider of residential care for elderly people, with specialised services for elderly people who have moderate dementia and other needs associated with age.”

Unlike some other care homes, Beechfield have embraced the 21st century. They have tried to develop something of an online profile for themselves via their Twitter account “@BeechfieldLodge”.

Artwork is just one of the activities on offer to keep residents occupied. With things such as Easter-themed events, a new boules area opening and a birthday party for the Queen being held in the last few months alone.


Previous art exhibitions

This artwork is not the first time the residents have shown their creative side. Summer 2015 also saw them contribute to the “Danger! Men at Work” collection that was displayed for three months.

The group of artists responsible for that collection consisted of a retired postal worker, a civil servant, teacher, crane engineer and bus driver.

Not content with just the one exhibition, Mr Mewha got back to work shortly after to provide the Salford Museum and Art Gallery with another collection that was proudly displayed throughout the start of 2016.

Mr Mewha also taught Art at Moorside School in Swinton for a number of years.

Sharon Bollesty, home manager for the Salford Lodge said: “Roy loves doing art, many of his pieces are proudly displayed around the Lodge”.

“It’s great to see people staying active after retirement and contributing to the area through things such as art.”

A spokesperson for the museum said: “Roy was one of the founding members of the Salford Art Club, so naturally he is someone we know very well. We never hear of anything but positivity for his artwork.”



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